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Technical and AV management

Production management

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Technical and AV management

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Logistic management

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Implantation 3D mapping management

Implantation 3D mapping management

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Technical and AV manager

3D Demoreel

The technical and AV manager is responsible for the technical and logistical feasibility during the phases of preparation, set up and dismantling of operations.

He works before the operation, during the reading of the artistic project, for the definition of the technical logistics specifications.

He proceeds with the production manager to the various technical and logistical calls of tender and participates in the analysis of the offers received.

Le directeur technique


  • The technical director analyzes and defines the technical and logistical needs when reading an artistic project.

  • He drafts technical and logistical tenders for subcontractors and external parties.

  • He drafts the technical documents and files for the internal and institutional services concerned. It monitors the institutional relations and the interface with the approved control offices.

  • The technical director supervises and coordinates the work of the management teams.

  • He appreciates, referee and decides or intervenes for any technical or logistical problem.

  • He respects and enforces regulatory and administrative constraints.

  • He guarantees the degree of quality and the respect of the deadlines of the providers according to the initial specifications.

  • The technical director controls and applies the current safety procedures to the management teams, subcontractors and external parties.

Field and scope of intervention
The technical and AV manager is attached to the technical and logistic department or production department as well as to the commercial management. He leads and coordinates the management teams as well as all subcontractors and external stakeholders during the different phases. He works and decides in concert with the production manager and the producer, in exceptional situations.

Participate in the development of the event

  • Study the technical and logistical feasibility of operations
  • Writes documents and technical files
  • Optimize quality, costs and production times
  • Set quality / quantity goals
  • Participate with sales representatives in the realization of calculation quotes

Monitor the project and propose improvements

  • Study improvements to put in place
  • Research technical solutions to answer specific problems
  • Participate in set up
  • Draws cads of project details for production
  • Ensures compliance with budgets and deadlines
  • Enforces security measures in effect
  • Is the guarantor of quality

Manage his teams

  • Leads, coordinates and distributes team work
  • Ensures the development of technical know-how
  • Communicates about technical news
  • Enforce regulatory and administrative constraints

Choose providers and coordinate them

  • Realizes the technical and logistical specifications
  • Write the calls for tenders
  • Analyze the offers received and participate in the selection
  • Write reports



  • Good technical and logistical knowledge
  • Knowledge of French and / or foreign legislation (security, insurance, legal and regulatory obligations)


  • Know how to write a work plan, a technical driver or a technical conduct
  • Know how to anticipate, take initiatives and decide quickly
  • Have a good oral expression
  • Get information and learn about new technologies, texts and regulations in force

Know to be

  • Sense of management
  • Listening, interpersonal skills and team spirit
  • Organizational sense, methodology and firmness
  • Curiosity, anticipation, responsiveness
  • Rigor and spirit of synthesis

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