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3D mapping engineering

Production management

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Technical and AV management

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Logistic management

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3D mapping engineering

3D mapping engineering

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3D mapping engineering

Projectionnist |3d infographist | photogrammetry by spherical pictures | scan 3d | pré-visualisation

3D Demoreel

The 3D mapping manager is in charge of the creation of giant and monumental images. He often works very early in the projects with the technical and AV manager and the production manager to propose to the client the best video projectors, taking into account all the constraints of the site.

The 3D mapping manager determines the position of the videoprojectors in relation to the public view and projection screens for the staging of projected images, the most powerful, consistent, immersive and elegant.

The 3D mapping manager creates computer-generated images for once the video device has was created, it was validated by the customer and the directors of production and technique, the projectionist makes the connection. between the video projection service provider and the agencies that are in charge of creating the projected images.

Le directeur logistique


  • Designing the video projection framework.

  • Provide projection sights and 3D work models to the agencies that create the images.

  • Provide technicals services with critical information regarding the installation of video projectors such as calibration patterns, matrix size, power, optics and position in zoom, position, rotation, attitude, position of the shift the optics, the views from each video projector, the pixel size and the power expressed on the screen etc.

  • Guide the technicians when installing the projection device and setting the images.

Field and scope of intervention
The 3D mapping manager writes the list of video projection requirements and checks the specifications of the technical service providers with the technical and AV manager.
  • He creates CAD drawings and computer-generated images to show the physical and visual impact of video projection installations within the global event project.
  • He informs the technical and AV manager about the position of the projection beams and the areas to be preserved from all installations.

Activities and tasks

  • The 3D mapping manager ensures the location of the places, the measurement and simple and spherical photos.
  • Through the technique of photogrammetry with spherical images (the art and science of taking measurements from photographs), he creates virtual models of work in three very precise dimensions of places.
  • He creates working models in 3D cad from 2d cad drawings.
  • The 3D mapping manager uses the technique of laser scans to insert three-dimensional statuary elements to work models and projection patterns.

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