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Production management

Production management

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Technical and AV management

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Logistic management

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Implantation 3D mapping management

Implantation 3D mapping management

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Production manager

The production manager leads and ensures the implementation of material, logistical, financial and human resources of an operation, in strict compliance with all the parameters of the specifications fixed by the agency (budget, planning, guideline’s project …).

He is in charge of the constitution, recruitment, contracting, supervision and management of all technical providers involved in the production of the operation.

Production manager


  • The production manager co-establishes a work schedule.

  • He prepares the budget aspects of the call for tenders and negotiates the specifications.

  • He negotiates and conducts, in the best conditions, purchases and contracts of employment, co-production, insurance, various technical service providers or services.

  • The production manager follows the different phases of the project, ensuring compliance with the specifications and deadlines.

  • He establishes the service sheets, supervises and directs the service providers and managers.

  • The production manager must anticipate, assess, decide and intervene for any technical or organizational problem.

  • It plans, organizes and coordinates the work (days, places, schedules, stage managers, cameramen, sound engineers, graphic designers, sound technicians, lights, audiovisuals, special effects).

  • The production manager must respect the legal, regulatory and administrative constraints.

  • He supervises the realization of the plans of implantation of a decoration, the light, the sound, and the assembly of the technical file.

Field and scope of intervention
The production manager works within the production department. He can be attached to the human resources department or general management.

Manages the budget

  • Manages the budget needed for production
  • Evaluate costs
  • Establish quotes
  • Ensures a balanced budget
  • Negotiate and make purchases and contracts of engagement, co-production, insurance, various technical service providers or services

Manages administrative records

  • Provides administrative, legal and budgetary management
  • Recruit artistic and technical teams
  • Establish contracts
  • Ensuring the payment of wages
  • Develop information documents
  • Manages providers
  • Attend all clients meetings
  • Participate in call of tenders

Manages operations

  • Manages logistics
  • Manages suppliers and materials
  • Follow the logistics summary table
  • Follows the logistic and technical specifications
  • Manages the manufacture of communication media
  • Organize team work
  • Participate in team briefs
  • Is present during set up and during operation
  • manages the signage of the site



  • Knowledge of French and / or foreign legislation (contracts, security, insurance, legal and regulatory obligations)
  • Good technical knowledge in light, sound and audiovisual
  • Knowledge of new techniques and technologies
  • Good general knowledge


Required Skills :

  • Master the computer tools perfectly
  • Mastering office software
  • Know how to reconcile economic and artistic constraints

Desired skills :

  • Master a foreign language

Know to be

  • Sense of management
  • Stress management
  • Integrity
  • Initiative spirit
  • The meaning of relational
  • Organization, Methodology
  • Anticipation, autonomy
  • Tenacity, rigor

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